Ian K Salter

A creator who works mostly in prose, code and sound but has been known to make stuff using wood, metal, water and electricity.


Ian is a creator who was born in London (UK) but now lives in Valencia (Spain) having recently moved from and sold the sailboat that had been his home for the past three years.

He is currently writing his second book, “About the Flow”, which together with his first book, “DJing to Dolphins”, documents his voyage away from Brexit Britain on his sailboat Kite. Though ostensibly a story about sailing, the books muse on subjects as diverse as fake news, philosophy, mathematics and taxation. Ian also writes software to support his prose writing efforts and blogs about diverse subjects.

In another guise he is known as the dj shageee who has a background in playing in London’s underground club scene including clubs such as Imaginarium, Wonderland, Planet Angel, Loop and Synergy. Ian also worked on the rigging and build of club and festival events. Here he has built decor and structures out of wood and metal.

Prior to his sailing adventures Ian spent 18 years working in technology for JP Morgan where he ended up as a Senior Information Architect. He spent much of this period working part time while co-parenting his four children and caring for his father.


Latest Post

May 14, 2020

Bonobos and Chimpanzees

There were three apes in the tree, a young bonobo, an older bonobo and a chimpanzee. Normally you wouldn’t find the two species of the genus pan together, but these were strange times indeed. Something had happened to the Congo river so that their normally separated habitats had become combined. What is more a pestilence was sweeping the land killing bonobos and chimpanzees alike. They could see at least two dead apes from their tree. Read more


All of Ian’s own work is made freely available under creative commons licences. If you wish to support Ian in any of his efforts you may do so through Librapay. Librapay is a continious donation platform, but you can also make a one off payment by selecting Manual Renewal on the donation page.


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